Sunday, January 23, 2011


So my wonderful mother comes over a couple of times a week after work to help Beau do homework....It helps not because I cant but because if I am home, I can then start dinner, layout clothes for next morning, get every ones bags packed up, start laundry know...just be the mom....and when I'm not there, it helps Donna do all the things I would be doing! lol... So this week my mom could only come once, plus we had a week night jumping party and, I worked a couple of night shifts, so TODAY against his will, Beau did all his weekly homework plus his January family project! (gotta love that once a month we get an EXTRA project, since I believe all homework is a family project)!! This month it was to build a snow man! Beau just loves to be in my craft room so the monthly projects are usually his FAVORITE cause it means he can look for supplies in my craft without further delay......HERE IS FROSTY....


Kristin Hayne said...

That is one trendy snowman!! LOOK at that ZEBRA scarf....LOL.... how cute is he? And he probably picked that himself!!! Homework stinks... so glad the Colorado system doesn't do hours of it a night. I'll help you when you are here!!! :)
LESS THAN 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jems Nichole said...

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