Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sea World San Diego Cont.

Sea World San Diego

So for Christmas we bought everyone in our family a "Fun Card" which included the admission to Sea World the rest of this year.....and all of 2010! We went on Sunday to start using the passes right away, plus Chad turned "32"!!! Crazy huh?! We had such a good time that G'ma and I stayed the night in a nearby Hotel and took the 3 kids again....the next day!! We sent Chad home to work....His birthday was over!! lol

Christmas 2009!

OK on to the fun of CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas was such a great day!! I am not sure what was so different....I mean the presents were fantastic.....but it wasnt that....everyone seemed to really just have a great day!! The kids were so good, We had Auntie Manda over and her lil family, Papa Bo, G'ma, Nana and us! We opened presents and Chad and Papa made us Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash browns, (the works) while G'ma made us BELGIN WAFFLES!!! (with my new xmas gift the dbl sided belgin waffle maker!!) THEY WERE AWESOME!!! Then it was off to work for Chad and I!

SLACKER!!!! Thats what I am!!!

So this past 3 weeks have been CRAZY!!! I am working 3 to 4 doubles (yes 16 hours!!!) a week, trying to get my last minute Christmas stuff done, bake, wrap, and enjoy my kids so they know what Christmas is all about!! I will say this......I THANKGOD EVERY DAY FOR G'MA!!! WITH OUT HER.......I am afraid my kids would not get the loving, kind, sentiment that they need everyday, and more so around the holidays!! She has been filling in for chad and I while we work, and FRANKLY.....I THINK THE KIDS LOVE HAVING HER MORE!!! I WOULD!! SHE IS WAY MORE FUN THAN US PARENTS!!! THANK YOU G'MA!!!! Evelyn has also been a huge blessing, getting everyone off to school, picking them up, doing her shopping WITH THEM!!! yikes!! THANK YOU AUNITT EVE!!!! Even my mom, deserves a big THANK YOU!! She has been making a great effort and that DOES NOT GO UN NOTICED!!!! I have heard that it takes a Village to raise a family and I have a great VILLAGE!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

MY Boys and there TOYS!!!

So, Beau got this Quad for his B-day this year... and although I thought he was a little too young.... HE HAD BEEN ASKING FOR 1 FOR 2 YEARS!!! So, Papa, Chads dad.... made his dreams come true!! He loves riding it, he loves when he gets to drive us around, but of course its nothing like when dad lets him go out on his own!! He drives it like he was born to.... and he is actually quite good even by himself, for being 4!!! lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So chad and I are always so busy during the holidays that we never get to see each other during NOV. and DEC. ..... So this year I decided we needed some alone time before work, kids and Holidays keep us WAY TO BUSY!!! I booked us a cruise....@ a crazy price...like under 250$ for the 2 of us..... TOTAL!!! Here are just a few pics....I will post more on friday after my 2 doubles wed & thur.....AND WHEN I AM DONE POSTING ABOUT WHAT A GREAT TIME I HAD WITH MY MAN.......I WILL CONTINUE POSTING WITH WHAT A GREAT TIME I HAD ON THE CO....COLORADO....SOMEDAY MY FUTURE HOME.....WITH OUR GREAT FRIENDS KRISTIN & TRAFTON.....TONS OF GREAT PHOTOS TAKEN THERE TOO!!!