Thursday, May 6, 2010


So Chad and I had the opportunity to go to Redding, CA this past weekend for a 3 day, 3D marked yardage Archery shoot.....WE HAD A BLAST!!! First of all, I LOVE marked yardage!!! Chad thought it would be a lot easier.... but he was WRONG!! There were targets from 4 yrds to 101 yrds and there were steep up hill and down hill shots. This was only my 3rd time actually shooting in a tournament, I am usually the baby sitter, camera man, or score keeper/beer fetcher! I had more fun than I could have imagined! I was scared that since the 1st two shoots I shot in were both 1 day shoots! This was a 2 arrow shoot, with 25 targets each on day 1 and day 2 and 20 targets on day 3, so without counting all my morning or afternoon practice shoots at the buds, thats at least 140 shots!! Im used to 42 @ absolute MAX!!! It worked out fine, I had plenty of time between shots, since there were 1300 shooters!! Yeah thats right THIRTEEN HUNDRED SHOOTERS!!! Tons of pro shooters, and tons of vendors, all with Archery in common! The weather was AWESOME, and since we were lucky enough to go without ANY of the kids, we stayed in a hotel vs. camping on the range......HANDS DOWN I DONT EVER WANT TO MISS THIS SHOOT!!! We met so many nice people and learned so much!! I even pinwheeled the 101 yrd target....once....the 1st shoot i missed, but it was my 1st time learning to stack my pins....the pics of chad and I with Big foot was the 101 yrd shot, and the pic of the arrows is when Chads arrow got robin hooded by a GIRL!!! One of the pics is of there detailed layout, all of there targets were in great shape and they changed them out with new ones a few times each day, so you were always shooting at a great target, and they had a ton of detailed scenes as there targets....check out the heard of elk target formation!! The pic of me with my super cute pink zebra fletched arrows is my 1st and only 22 scoring target! That means I got both of my arrows in the best spot! keep in mind I haven't been shooting very long, and I have had this bow an even shorter amount of time, and with 3 kids, plus chad, t ball, 2 softball teams, and working an average of 55 hrs a week AT MY REAL JOB........I NEVER GET TO PRACTICE!!!! :)


Kristin Hayne said...

SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!! And no WONDER I never hear from you!! You have your hands in WAY too many things girl!! Glad you and Chad were able to get away!! Love and miss you guys!! Now update again!! I need to see my kiddoes!!

mikaljains said...

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