Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My NEW BOW!!! The PSE Chaos! LOVIN IT!!

So, when chad and I were dating, and up until the kids were born...I used to randomly shoot with I say random, cause I wasn't in love nor did I participate in the shoots, I just kinda shot with him around the house....  I have heard all the stories about how his mom used to shoot, his dad and sister too.  Once the 2 boys were born though, I had no choice but to stay at camp with them and watch them at the shoots, and I just never found the balance of doing both.....WELL IM READY!!  I have been wanting a new bow, and I have been wanting to shoot, my boys both have small small version of a bow, our 2yr old uses a coat hanger and shoots everything in sight!  But they both walk and talk and I think its about time I join my husband at the target!  So for our 5 yr Wedd. Anniversary ho got me the new PSE Chaos!!  and................I LOVE IT!!  Even on date night, before we go to dinner, we go out alone with out the kids and shoot!  I must say, that I am having a great time with it, and I am hoping to even start hunting (sometimes) with him!  

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Anonymous said...

Okay, remind not to give you any ish!! I love that you are enjoying something your husband loves so much. Too cool and you guys look so freaking cute together,